What Should You Do With an Empty Kitchen Wall?

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One of the most crucial aspects of kitchen design is deciding what to do with all that empty wall space. You may utilize this area in a variety of ways to make your kitchen more useful and appealing. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Installing shelves is a terrific way to make use of spare wall space in your kitchen. This might provide you more space for dishes, cookbooks, and other objects. This area may also be used to exhibit ornamental objects such as vases or photos.

Another way to make use of this space is to install a pot rack. This may save up cabinet space while also providing quick access to pots and pans. This compartment may also be utilized to store commonly used spices or tools.

If you have a lot of vacant wall space, you should think about adding an island. This may free up more countertop space for prep work or eating. It’s also a good spot to put extra storage under the countertop.

There are a few things you can do with vacant wall space in your kitchen to make the most of it. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Display a decorative sign or artwork.

This may bring character to your kitchen and help fill up that empty wall space.

2. Put up shelves. Shelves are ideal for keeping cookbooks, spices, and other culinary things that need easy access.

They may also assist you in keeping your countertops clear of debris.

3. Install a chalkboard or message board. This is ideal for writing down shopping lists, recipe ideas, or anything else you need to remember while cooking up a storm.

It’s also a wonderful method to experiment with your home’s design!

4. Bring some greenery to the space by using a potted plant or herb garden. This will not only light up the room, but it will also bring some freshness (literally) to your culinary routine.

Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Lovely (Easy and Budget-Friendly)

What Can I Do With a Blank Kitchen Wall?

If you want to add some flair to your kitchen, a blank kitchen wall is a great place to do so. Here are some suggestions:

-Put up some kitchen art.

This might range from a few prints or paintings to a major artwork. If you have any empty frames laying around, this is a fantastic way to fill up some wall space.

-Install floating shelves to exhibit anything from cookbooks and spices to beautiful dishes and glasses.

This is also a good alternative if you don’t have a lot of counter or cabinet space.

-Install a pegboard and use it to organize all of your kitchen basics such as pots, pans, knives, and measuring cups. Hooks for aprons and dishtowels may also be added.

Instead, you may use the pegboard as a creative background for hanging family photographs or other mementos.

-Make a message center by hanging a blackboard or dry erase board where you can scribble down shopping lists, cooking ideas, reminders, and so on. This is particularly useful if you have children who need to leave notes for their parents!

What to Put on a Wall That is Empty?

Consider the following choices if your wall is blank and you don’t know what to do with it:

1. Create a focal point by painting or wallpapering a wall. This is an excellent way to inject some color and individuality into your home.

2. Display artwork or photographs. This is a simple technique to make a blank wall seem more personal.

3. Install shelves.

Shelves are an excellent method to store items such as books, plants, or trinkets while also providing aesthetic appeal to your walls.

4. Hang tapestries or drapes. Tapestries and curtains may provide warmth and texture to a room, making it seem more welcoming.

What Should I Do With My Kitchen Walls?

When determining what to do with your kitchen walls, there are a few factors to consider. The first consideration is practicality: will the wall be simple to clean? If you intend on cooking often or hosting visitors, ensure sure your selected wall covering will not need continual cleaning.

Another thing to consider is the general design of your kitchen. Are you looking for a more contemporary or classic look? This will influence the material you choose for your walls.

Stainless steel panels, for example, may create a highly modern impression, although painted tiles may be more suited in a classic environment.

When you’ve evaluated these things, it’s time to begin researching your possibilities! Here are a few ideas on how to decorate your kitchen walls:

They should be painted in a light, neutral color. This will brighten the room and make it seem bigger. Therefore, if you change your mind later on, it is always simple to repaint.

Make use of wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a resurgence in home décor, and there are now some really lovely patterns available that would look fantastic in a kitchen environment. Choose one that is both sturdy and wipeable!

Set up backsplash tiles. This is both functional and fashionable, and the design and color options are limitless. You could even use various colored tiles to make patterns or decorations!

How Do You Decorate a Plain Kitchen Wall?

A simple kitchen wall may be decorated in a variety of ways. Paint may be used to create a focal point or accent wall. Hanging artwork, pictures, or other decorations is another option.

You may also include shelves or racks to store spices, cookbooks, or other culinary things. Consider placing a backsplash on a blank wall near the stove to protect it from splatters and spills.

Kitchen With Blank Wall

There are various things you can do to make a blank wall in your kitchen more interesting and helpful. Here are a few suggestions:

-Hang some shelves to hold spices, cooking oils, and other small goods.

-Wall-mount a paper towel holder. This is particularly useful if you don’t have a lot of counter space.

-Install a pot rack from which to hang pots and pans.

This saves cabinet space and looks wonderful!

-Put up a blackboard or whiteboard where you can scribble shopping lists, recipes, or anything else comes to mind.

-For decorating, frame some attractive pictures or images and display them on the wall.

What to Do With Empty Space in Kitchen

If you’re like most people, your kitchen undoubtedly has some vacant space. There are several methods to make use of spare space, whether it be a wasted nook or an underused cabinet. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Put it to use as storage. An empty kitchen cabinet is ideal for storing goods that you don’t use often, such as holiday dishes or serving pieces. Instead, if you have a lot of tiny appliances, you may put them in the vacant area.

2. Set up a mini-office. If you sometimes work from home or need a place to pay bills and handle documents, an empty nook in the kitchen might be the ideal location for a mini-office. Just add a tiny desk and chair, and you’re done!

3. Add a touch of green thumb flare. A kitchen windowsill is ideal for germinating herbs or growing houseplants. These will not only liven up your room, but they will also be within easy reach while cooking.

Just make sure they get enough of sunshine.

4 Convert it into a craft area. If you adore making, transform that unused room into your own personal crafting haven!

Install a table and some storage, then fill it with all of your stuff. It’ll be ideal for working on projects when inspiration strikes.

What to Put on Kitchen Walls

If you’re seeking for kitchen wall decor ideas, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Traditional paintings and pictures, as well as more unusual objects such as kitchenware or utensils, may all make excellent kitchen wall decorations.

A common choice is to display a collection of old dishes on the wall.

This may result in a really cool and sophisticated aesthetic, particularly if you choose plates with unusual patterns or colors. You might also frame your favorite recipe cards or food-related artwork. In any case, these kinds of decorations will give your kitchen flair and make it seem more like home.

Of course, one of the most crucial factors to consider when decorating your kitchen walls is functionality. Hanging delicate goods at eye level, for example, is usually not the greatest choice if you have small children. Similarly, if your kitchen is on the tiny side, you’ll want to avoid crowding it with too many decorations.

So, other from that, have fun exploring all of the many options!


There are a few things you can do to brighten up empty wall space in your kitchen. A picture or two, or maybe a small shelf with some ornaments, might be hung. If you’re feeling very daring, you could even paint the walls!

Whatever you chose, be sure it contributes to the overall look of your kitchen.


What can I do with dead wall space in my kitchen?

9 Creative Ways to Make Use of Limited or Empty Space in the Kitchen
Utilize The Under Sink Space…. Pull-Out Drawer…. Wasted Space Within Corner Cabinet….
Transform a Tiny Pantry Door Into a Coffee Bar…. Hang baskets on the walls…. Make Use of The Top of The Fridge Area…. Hang pots and pans on cabinet edges.
Install bookshelves behind cabinets.
May 29, 2022

What can I put on a bare kitchen wall?

Some homeowners experiment with wall hangings in their kitchen decor in addition to framed paintings. Oversized or vintage utensils, tapestries with food or kitchen patterns, or even brightly colored equipment might be excellent alternatives. Shelving is another excellent choice for adorning kitchen walls.

How do you fill a large wall space in a kitchen?

15 creative kitchen wall decor ideas
Use artworks to decorate. Big. …
Fill the area with a useful whiteboard.
Using mirrors to style…
Purchase artsy photo frames.
A huge clock may be used to keep track of the time.
… Add some hanging foliage.
Make a plate wall out of neons.
More to come…

What can you do on an empty room wall?

27 Wall Design Ideas to Update Your Home
Choose large-scale art. Burkhalter, Max…
Build a gallery wall. Watson, Simon….
Including an accent wall. Consider decorating the walls in addition to exhibiting stuff on them.
Display a cloth…
Mirrors should be hung…
… Create a mural…. Add shelves….
Plates should be hung.
Additional details…•July 13, 2021

What to do with an awkward blank wall?

To fill an empty space, items like as credenzas, plants, art pieces, framed photos, floating shelves, free-standing shelving units, floor lamps, sconces, mirrors, and stools may be selected.

What not to do in kitchen decor?

Kitchen Design Errors to Avoid, According to the…
The first mistake is to force an island.
Error #2: Overcrowding Your Counters.
Error #3: Using White Grout.
Dealing with Ultra-Deep Cabinets is Error #4.
Error #5: Restricting Your Radiance.
Error #6: Avoiding Specifics.
Error #7: Poor Lighting.
Additional details…•July 12, 2022

What do you put in a narrow space in the kitchen?

51 Little Kitchen Design Ideas to Maximize a Limited Area
Create a prep area.
Upper cabinets should be removed.
Obtain unique hardware…. Or go with undetectable hardware.
Organize your cabinets thoroughly.
Dish duty should be simplified….
Spend money on unique glasses.
Including a kitchen island.
More to come…
•May 21, 2021

How can I make my kitchen look clutter free?

20 Designers Reveal Their Tips for Clutter-Free Kitchen Countertops
Including a Couple Trays.
Make use of a Roll-Up Dish Rack.
Show only large items.
Avoid adorning your counters.
Consider using pull-out drawers.
Invest on cabinet accessories.
Enhance Your Everyday Things.
Complement Your Finish.
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How to decorate 12 foot walls?

10 Tall Wall Decoration Ideas
Display vertical artwork. Vertical artwork is an excellent compliment to towering walls.
Have a look around. Scaling up your artwork to match it is one of the simplest ways to warm up a towering wall.
Make use of bright colors.
Consider the installation.
Experiment with fabrics….
Bring in the wood trim.
Attempt stone… Shake things up.
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