What Should You Do With Additional Kitchen Space?

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The kitchen is the beating heart of any house. It’s where we eat, cook, and interact. So what happens when your kitchen is too small?

If you have excess room in your kitchen, here are some suggestions for making the most of it.

A kitchen island is one possibility. This might provide you more counter space and storage.

It may also be used to prepare meals or to grab a quick nibble. Installing shelves or cupboards above the counters is another option. This may free up additional space for dishes, cookbooks, and other goods.

Next, consider installing a backsplash or changing the color of the walls. Little modifications like these may brighten up your kitchen and make it seem bigger and more welcoming.

34 Super Inventive Ways to Organize a Tiny Kitchen

Do you have any spare counter space in your kitchen? If so, make excellent use of it! Here are some suggestions on what to do with the extra space:

1. Construct a breakfast nook. This is an excellent location for your morning coffee or tea. It may also be used as a workstation as necessary.

You just need a small table and chairs to complete the look.

2. Create a kitchen island. This is an excellent method to increase counter space and storage in your kitchen.

It’s also ideal for hosting visitors.

3. Establish a home office space. Why not set up your home office in the kitchen if you work from home?

You will be able to keep organized and productive, and you will not have to locate another place in the home for your office equipment.

4. Convert it into a mudroom. If you live in a snowy or rainy location, creating a mudroom in your kitchen may be really beneficial.

This way, you can store all of your dirty shoes and outerwear in one area rather than tracking them around the home.

5 Utilize it as extra storage space. If none of the above solutions appeal to you, you may always utilize the additional room for much-needed storage.

What to Do With Empty Floor Space in Kitchen

There are a few things you can do with vacant floor space in your kitchen to make the most of it. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Install a kitchen island.

This is an excellent method to increase counter and storage space in your kitchen. It may also be used to consume or prepare meals.

2. Construct a pot rack.

This is a terrific method to clear up cabinet space while keeping your pots and pans close at hand.

3. Provide a free-standing pantry. This is an excellent technique to provide more storage space for food, dishes, and other stuff.

It may also assist to keep your kitchen organized and neat.

4. Be inventive with your furniture layout. Consider installing floating shelves or a Pegboard to hang pots and pans from hooks if you have vacant wall space.

Or, for a more open effect, place your dining table in the center of the room.

What to Do With Unused Space in Home

There are a few things you may do with additional space in your house that you aren’t utilizing. Renting it out is one possibility. This might be a terrific method to supplement your income.

You may also utilize the area to store items or to create a new room.

If you’re searching for methods to supplement your income, renting out empty space in your house is an excellent choice. You may advertise the room on services such as Airbnb or Craigslist.

Set explicit guidelines and expectations so that both you and your renter are satisfied.

Another option for excess space is to just store it. Consider keeping stuff that you don’t use on a regular basis in the unused area.

This will help you organize your house and allow you more space to do the activities you like.

Finally, if you have the resources, you may convert underutilized space into a whole new room. This might be anything from a guest bedroom to a home office or children’s playroom.

Whatever you pick, be sure it adds value to your property and improves your quality of life.

What to Do With Empty Wall Space in Kitchen

If your kitchen is anything like ours, you have lots of empty wall space waiting to be used. So what are you going to do with all that additional space? We’ve created a list of our favorite things to do with vacant kitchen wall space so you can make the most of your own.

1. Hang a spice rack: This is an excellent method to keep your spices accessible and organized. You may either purchase a ready-made spice rack or be creative and make your own.

2. Add floating shelves: Floating shelves are both utilitarian and fashionable.

To liven up the area, use them to hold cookbooks, dishes, or even plants.

3. Include a chalkboard: Whether you use it for shopping lists or as a decoration, a blackboard is always a good idea. Little chalkboards are available at most craft shops and internet vendors.

4. Use pegboard to organize pots and pans, baking sheets, and other big kitchen goods. It also looks pretty dang nice!

5. Hang up family photographs: Fill that empty wall space with memories by displaying family photos.

What to Do With Extra Space in Living Room

Anybody who has a tiny living room understands how difficult it can be to make the most of the limited space. There are several methods to make use of any additional space in your living room! Here are a few suggestions:

-Install a bookcase: A bookshelf is an excellent method to add storage as well as aesthetic to your living area. It may house all of your favorite books as well as any other trinkets you wish to show off.

-Get a storage coffee table: A coffee table with drawers or shelves is ideal for storing stuff such as blankets, games, or magazines.

It also serves as a surface for beverages and food.

-Purchase a nice ottoman: An ottoman may be used for both extra sitting and storage. Look for one that opens to allow you to keep items within.

-Install floating shelves: Floating shelves are an excellent method to add décor and storage without taking up a lot of room. These are ideal for displaying photographs, plants, and other small objects.

Empty Space between Kitchen And Living Room

Making the most of your space is critical if you live in a tiny house. One method is to leave an empty area between your kitchen and living room. This may be accomplished by eliminating any obstructive furniture or things, as well as by painting the walls a light color.

This vacant area will give your house a more open and large sense, and it will also be a terrific spot to host visitors. This area may be used to put up a buffet table or a bar area, as well as a dance floor or a play area for children. Hanging lanterns or lights from the ceiling may also contribute to the mood of this place if you have high ceilings.

What Can I Do With Extra Space in My Kitchen?

There are several things you can do with more room in your kitchen. It might be used for storage, an extra workplace, or even as a small eating room.

Storage is an excellent solution for any additional space in your house.

Consider utilizing the additional space in your kitchen for storage if you have products that you don’t use frequently but need to keep nearby. To store such objects, you may put up some shelves or build a cabinet. They will be out of the way but yet conveniently accessible when needed.

An extra workplace may also be a fantastic use of extra kitchen space. If you like cooking or baking, having an extra countertop or prep station may be quite beneficial. It’s also a fantastic spot to store small gadgets like a stand mixer or food processor that you don’t use all the time but want to have close at hand.

Another fantastic way to make more room in your kitchen is to turn it into a tiny eating area. If you don’t have space for a traditional dining table and chairs, put a few stools around a counter or island. You may still have dinners with family and friends without leaving the comfort of your own home.

How Do You Fill Empty Kitchen Wall Space?

There are several ways to decorate an empty wall in your kitchen! Hanging artwork or pictures is one possibility. You might also put cookbooks, flowers, or other beautiful objects in this area.

If you have a lot of vacant wall space, you might think about placing shelves to keep additional goods out of sight. Hanging a clock or calendar on an empty kitchen wall is another option. This may assist you in remaining organized and on top of your routine.

Be sure that anything you pick to fill the area meets your demands and aesthetic!


There are a few things you can do to make the most of the additional space in your kitchen. For more counter space and storage, consider installing a kitchen island or peninsula. If you have the space, you could also add a dining table to make the area more open and welcoming.

Whatever you select, be sure to use your additional space in a manner that is appropriate for your family and lifestyle.


What can I do with unused kitchen space?

9 Creative Ways to Make Use of Limited or Empty Space in the Kitchen
Utilize The Under Sink Space…. Pull-Out Drawer…. Wasted Space Within Corner Cabinet….
Transform a Tiny Pantry Door Into a Coffee Bar…. Hang baskets on the walls…. Make Use of The Top of The Fridge Area…. Hang pots and pans on cabinet edges.
Install bookshelves behind cabinets.
May 29, 2022

What should I put in the extra space in my kitchen?

20 Ingenious Kitchen Storage Solutions
Including a Toe-Kick Drawer. Picture courtesy of @stewartscarpentryllc.
Choose a Tip-Out Tray…. Add a Pull-Out Cutting Board….
Recover space with rollout drawers…. Keep cooking utensils hidden…. Employ double drawers.
Use a Blind Corner Area… Install Oversized Corner Drawers.
More to come…
•Oct 27, 2022

How do you fill awkward space in a kitchen?

Stack baskets on top of your cabinets.
Make use of the top of your refrigerator.
Get a roll-out shelf for next to your refrigerator.
Add little shelves to any empty wall area.
Convert deep shelves into drawers.
Redesign your corner cabinet arrangement.
Convert your windowsill into storage.
Bookcases may be added to your breakfast bar.
Additional information…•May 28, 2021

How do you deal with no counter space in a kitchen?

15 Ways to Make More Counterspace in a Compact Kitchen
Make use of windowsills.
Hang more cabinets or shelves.
Take a look above the cabinets.
Learn about Extendable Countertops.
Purchase a Big Cutting Board….
Contemplate collapsible counters…. Consider tiered counters…. Hang your appliances.
More to come…

What is the extra room in the kitchen called?

A keeping room is an area next to the kitchen where friends and family may congregate to entertain the chef as they prepare a dinner.

What is this kitchen layout that is ideal for family that needs extra storage spaces?

The U-Shape and Island Layout, G-Shaped Layout, and L-Shape and Island Layout are the best layouts for big kitchens. All of them are ideal for huge venues that need to accommodate large gatherings of family or friends.

How do you compartmentalize a kitchen?

10 Kitchen Organizing Suggestions
Compartmentalize. Celebrate the art of compartmentalizing to maximize your storage space.
Take Use of Labeling. Even if the containers are transparent, labeling the contents might be beneficial.
Make regular cleaning easier.
Keep frequently used items close at hand…. Make the Most of Your Space.
Dec 10, 2015

How do you survive without a kitchen remodel?

The Camp Stove
Prepare a makeshift kitchen in a location such as your garage, basement, or utility room (preferably, somewhere with a sink)….
Make a bulletin board in your temporary kitchen to keep track of the renovation work.
Store frequently used kitchen products in transparent plastic storage containers with labels.
More to come…

How do you fit an eating area in a small kitchen?

Check out these clever ideas by imaginative kitchen designers for a workaround that enables you to cook and dine in the same room.
Contemplate the Banquette.
Get the Personalized Look at a Lower Price.
Bring up a chair for extra seating.
Lucite chairs are the obvious choice.
Seats can be added with stools…. Casters may be added for a more mobile option.
Additional information…•Jan 15, 2015

What is a counter saver?

Cutting Board with Tempered Glass Saver by CounterArt

This slicing, dicing, and mincing glass cutting surface is effective, hygienic, and heat resistant. Instead, use it in the kitchen to protect your saucepans and hot meals.

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