Is Ikea furniture supplied with tools?

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Ikea furniture is well-known for being both inexpensive and attractive. Yet, many consumers are unaware that Ikea furniture comes with its own set of tools. That’s correct, every piece of Ikea furniture comes with a set of tools for assembly.

And, best of all, the price of the furniture includes these tools. Thus, if you’re searching for a low-cost method to equip your house, Ikea is a terrific place to start.

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Ikea is an excellent choice for economical, attractive furnishings. Nonetheless, many people wonder whether Ikea furniture comes with tools.

Yes and no, respectively.

Some Ikea furniture comes with the tools needed for assembly, but not all of it. Thus, if you intend on purchasing Ikea furniture, be sure to check to see whether you need to bring your own tools.

Of all, even if you must bring your own tools, Ikea furniture is still an excellent value.

And after you bring it home and put it up, you’ll have some lovely new items to appreciate.

Does Ikea Furniture Come With Tools Reddit

If you’re looking for new furniture, you may be asking whether Ikea furniture comes with tools. The basic answer is no, but there are a few considerations.

First and first, although most Ikea furniture does not come with tools, it is meant to be quickly constructed with a few simple household items.

You’ll just need a screwdriver, a hammer, and perhaps a wrench or pliers (depending on the piece).

Second, although tools are not included, Ikea does offer assembly kits that include everything you need to assemble your new furniture. These kits are typically approximately $10 and may be purchased online or at your local Ikea shop.

Lastly, if you’re having trouble assembling your Ikea furniture without any equipment, you may always hire someone to do it for you. There are several firms who specialize in assembling Ikea furniture (for a price), so this is something to consider if you are extremely frustrated.

Does Ikea Furniture Come With Instructions

If you’ve ever assembled Ikea furniture, you’re aware that it comes with a comprehensive instruction manual. But what if you misplace the instruction manual? What if you’re attempting to build an Ikea product that’s missing certain pieces?

Fortunately, there are a few resources accessible to assist you. The first is the official Ikea website. You may search for your product by name or model number in the Assembly Instructions area and download a PDF of the instructions.

YouTube is another useful resource. There are several videos available that demonstrate how to build Ikea furniture step by step. Just search for Ikea [product name] and you should be able to discover what you’re searching for.

If everything else fails, you may always contact Ikea customer care. They may be able to mail you a new set of instructions or even assist you with your assembly problem over the phone.

Does Ikea Furniture Come With Screwdriver

Ikea furniture is well-known for its clean, basic lines and ease of installation. Many customers, however, are unaware that Ikea furniture does not come with a screwdriver. This implies you’ll need to buy your own screwdriver to put together your Ikea furniture.

Although this may seem to be a small nuisance, it is worth noting that Ikea sells a range of screwdrivers designed expressly for assembling their furniture.

Does Ikea Bed Come With Tools

A hex key and a screwdriver are required. Before you begin, I suggest watching one of the numerous assembly videos on YouTube (search for Ikea Malm bed frame construction), as these may help you understand how the frame fits together. If you mean Ikea’s Malm bed frame, the answer is no, it does not come with tools. It is, however, a relatively easy bed frame to install, requiring just a few ordinary household tools such as an allen key.

Ikea Cross Slot Screwdriver

The Ikea Cross Slot Screwdriver is an excellent alternative if you need a cheap and multipurpose screwdriver. It is ideal for use in small locations and on a range of screws, including Phillips, slotted, and hex head screws. The handle is easy to hold, and the blade is composed of tough steel.

Moreover, the screwdriver comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be certain in its durability.

Does Ikea Furniture Come With Tools?

Yep, IKEA furniture includes tools. The firm offers a broad range of hand tools, power tools, and other equipment to assist clients in the assembly and installation of their goods. IKEA also provides online assembly instructions and videos to help clients assemble their furniture.

What Tools are Required to Assemble Ikea Furniture?

If you’ve ever bought IKEA furniture, you’re aware that the Swedish firm is recognized for its simple, trendy, and reasonably priced items. What you may not realize is that IKEA furniture is infamous for being difficult to assemble. In fact, many people joke that the instructions are written in a foreign language (Swedish, of course) and that assembling an IKEA dresser or bed frame requires a Degree.

But don’t give up! Even the most complicated IKEA furniture can be built with a little patience and elbow grease. Although no additional tools beyond those available in any basic toolbox are necessary, there are a few things that will help the procedure go more easily.

Everything you’ll need is as follows:

A Phillips head screwdriver: Perhaps the most necessary item for assembling IKEA furniture. Since Phillips head screws are used for the great majority of screws, having a decent quality screwdriver is crucial.

A hammer: This will be used mostly to install nails (which are provided with most IKEA furniture) that are used to hold various portions of the item together. But be cautious not to apply too much effort, since this might harm the wood or cause the nail to come out fully on the other side.

An Allen wrench or hex key: Several IKEA products now need the use of an Allen wrench or hex key (really simply a little L-shaped tool) to correctly tighten screws.

They aren’t usually included with the furniture, so double-check before you begin assembling. If you need to buy one individually, they’re generally quite inexpensive (around $5) at your local hardware shop.

A drill: If you’re having trouble tightening screws with simply an Allen wrench or hex key, drilling a pilot hole beforehand may help.

That isn’t technically essential, but it may save you a lot of trouble later on.

Do You Need a Drill to Assemble Ikea Furniture?

No, you do not need a drill to put together IKEA furniture. In fact, most IKEA furniture can be put together without the need of any tools at all. But, if you have a drill, it may speed up and simplify the operation.

IKEA furniture is meant to be simple to construct, and the majority of it can be done without the need of any tools. But, having a drill (or even just a screwdriver) on hand may make the job much quicker and simpler.

Assume you’re putting together an IKEA dresser.

You could simply install all of the dresser drawer fronts with a drill in a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, without a drill, you would have to screw each one in by hand, which would take much longer.

The same is true when affixing legs to tables or chairs.

or cumbersome. It is much more convenient to use a power tool than to hand screw in each leg, particularly if the legs are long and thin.

In conclusion, although you do not need tools to build IKEA furniture, having them on hand would undoubtedly make the process faster and easier.

Can You Assemble Ikea Furniture Without Tools?

You can certainly build IKEA furniture without tools if you want to save time and effort. All you need is a little imagination and ingenuity. For example, instead of a screwdriver, you might use a hair straightener or even a spoon to secure screws.

If you don’t have any Allen wrenches, a pair of pliers will do. Just make sure you don’t strip the screws in the process.

Of course, some IKEA furniture is more difficult to build without the use of tools than others.

If you’re genuinely stuck, it’s always worth reaching out to a buddy or looking out online lessons. With a little dedication and patience, you’ll be shocked at what you can do without using any tools!


Ikea furniture is regarded for being simple to put together, but many people are unaware that it comes with its own set of tools. The Ikea website contains an assembly instructions area, and each instruction provides a list of the tools needed. Most items will simply need a screwdriver and an Allen key, but others may require extra equipment such as a hammer or drill.


Do you need any tools to assemble IKEA furniture?

Most IKEA furniture installation just takes a medium-sized screwdriver. A small screwdriver, on the other hand, might be beneficial for repairing construction faults or making changes. Without a hammer, no furniture-building effort is safe.

Does IKEA send tools to assemble?

Most IKEA furniture requires assembly and mounting (does not yet include kitchen or bathroom installation). Taskers will adhere to the IKEA assembly instructions and fasten objects to the wall as instructed. Taskers will arrive equipped with all of the necessary tools.

Do you need tools to build IKEA dresser?

Apart for a phillips head screwdriver and a hammer, Ikea includes all of the equipment you’ll need to build the Hemnes dresser. We tapped in the wooden dowels and nails with a hammer.

Do IKEA furniture come with instructions?

If you need assistance assembling your IKEA furniture, you may consult the instructions at any time. Just enter any product in the search field above to locate its assembly instructions, which are available for download as a PDF on the product page.

What is the hardest thing to assemble at IKEA?

The most difficult IKEA furniture to assemble (rating in brackets)
PONG Armchair (3.8) EKET Cabinet, 35x25x35 cm (2.7) LIXHULT Cabinet combo, grey, 120x35x57 cm (2.3)
TRULSTORP Coffee table, 1170 x 115 cm (3.5)
KIVIK 4-seater corner sofa (3) NYHAMN 3-seat sofa-bed (2.5) BEST TV bench with drawers (3.6)
Additional information…•May 24, 2022

Is it hard to assemble IKEA furniture?

IKEA furniture is simple to put together. The bundle contains everything you need. If you don’t want to construct it yourself, we can do it for you. For a nominal fee, our partner firm can assist you with the assembly of new furniture.

Does IKEA put things together for you?

A: Does IKEA provide assembly services? A: Assembly services are offered for orders made in-store or online. Our goods are intended for self-assembly. You’ll save the most money this way.

How much is IKEA assembly fee?

The cost of assembly begins at $40. You may book while shopping, either online or in-store. A dependable specialist will put everything together so you can concentrate on your to-do list.

Does IKEA give you screws?

Yes! Just walk up to customer service with your screw number and they’ll give you precisely what you need.

Do you need a hammer for IKEA furniture?

IKEA dowel holes are often too tiny for IKEA pegs to drive in smoothly and fully without the use of tools. Instead of a regular hammer, a rubber mallet may accomplish the job without causing harm to the furniture.

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