Can You Reuse Cedar Planks?

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Cedar planks are an excellent method to add flavor to your dish and may be reused many times. However, in order for your cedar planks to survive, you must know how to clean and care for them correctly. Here are some ideas for reusing cedar boards.

When cooking with cedar planks, it is essential to clean the board after each usage. Scrub the plank with a little soap and water to do this. Make careful to thoroughly rinse the plank to remove all of the soap.

Once clean, put the plank in a cool, dry area until you’re ready to use it again.

You may clean cedar planks with a moist cloth if you’re using them as décor. Before storing the plank, clean it of any debris or grime.

To eliminate any roughness, carefully sand the cedar boards.

  • If properly cared for, cedar boards may be reused several times.
  • Simply scrape a cedar plank with warm, soapy water to clean it.
  • Allow the plank to air dry after rinsing it with clean water.
  • The plank may be reused if it is still in excellent shape.
  • If the plank is showing signs of wear, it may be sanded and refinished.

How many times can you reuse cedar planks?

If you use cedar planks to barbecue or smoke meals, you may reuse them numerous times before replacing them. Cedar is a tough wood that can resist high heat, making it ideal for grilling. Just be sure to clean the planks after each usage to avoid imparting any undesirable tastes to your meal.

Simply scrub cedar planks with a brush and soapy water to clean them. Before using them again, thoroughly rinse them and allow them to air dry. If there are any severe burns or charring on the boards, sand them down to eliminate them.

You may reuse your cedar planks as many times as you desire once they are clean and in excellent shape.

How do you reuse wood planks?

Wood planks may be reused in a variety of ways. One frequent use is as shelves in a garage or shed. Another option is to use them as the foundation for a workbench or table.

Planks may also be used to make a privacy screen or fence.

How do you clean cedar planks after cooking?

Cedar planks are an excellent technique to provide flavor to meals while cooking. However, the plank will need to be cleaned after cooking. Here are some pointers for cleaning your cedar board after cooking:

1. Soak the plank for a few minutes in boiling water. This will aid in the removal of any food particles that have been attached to the surface.

2. Scrub the plank’s surface with a firm brush.

To prevent harming the wood, brush along the direction of the grain.

3. Rinse the plank with clean water and air dry it.

4. After the plank has dried, use a food-safe oil to help preserve it.

If you follow these easy instructions, your cedar plank will be clean and ready for your next culinary expedition!

How many times can you use a cedar plank for grilling fish?

As long as it is properly cared for, a cedar plank may be used to grill fish several times. After each usage, just cleanse the plank with a strong brush and soapy water. It is also necessary to oil the plank on a regular basis to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

A cedar board may survive for years if properly kept.

If you do reuse Cedar planks, how should you do it? | Wildwood Grilling

Can you reuse cedar planks for salmon

Try cooking your salmon on cedar planks if you want to make it even more delectable! Cedar planks provide a lovely smokey taste to fish and may be reused numerous times. Follow these steps to roast salmon on cedar planks:

1. Soak the cedar plank for at least one hour in water. This will keep the plank from burning when grilling the fish.

2. Preheat your grill to medium-high heat.

3. Place the fish on the wood board, skin side down.

4. Grill the salmon for approximately 10 minutes, or until it is cooked through.

5. Enjoy!

Can you use cedar planks in the oven

Sure! When used in the oven, cedar planks may provide a pleasant taste to cuisine. Before cooking with cedar planks in the oven, soak them in water for at least 30 minutes (or up to several hours).

This will aid in keeping the boards from burning. Cedar planks may go straight into the oven or on a baking pan. To avoid sticking, line a baking pan with foil before using it.

Cooking fish, poultry, or other foods on cedar planks is one option. The cooking time will vary according on the thickness of the meal. When putting cedar planks in the oven, keep an eye on the food to avoid it from burning.

How to clean cedar planks

If you have cedar planks for your grill, you know how much flavor they bring to your cuisine. However, after a few usage, they may begin to show signs of wear. Here’s how to maintain your cedar planks looking like new.

The first step is to soak the planks for around 20 minutes in hot water. This will assist to remove any dirt or grime that has accumulated on them.

After they’ve soaked, scrape the planks clean with a brush.

You can use a wire brush for tougher stains.

After cleaning, rinse the planks with cold water and allow them to dry fully.

It is important to oil your cedar planks on a regular basis to maintain them in excellent shape.

You may use any sort of oil, but olive or coconut oil work particularly well. Pour a little amount of oil into a paper towel and massage it into the cedar.

Do this after every few usage, and your cedar planks will appear brand new for a long time!

How to use cedar planks for grilling

One of the best parts about grilling is that there are so many different options. To generate distinct taste profiles for your cuisine, you may use a variety of ways and procedures. Grilling using cedar planks is one of the most common ways.

Cedar planks are an excellent method to provide a distinct taste to your dish. When grilled, they provide a smokey, wood-fired taste that complements a wide range of meats and vegetables.

Simply soak cedar planks in water for 30-60 minutes before grilling to prepare them.

This will keep them from burning on the grill. Place them on the grill and cook your dish as normal once they have been soaked.

Cedar planks are an excellent method to add flavor to grilled foods.

Experiment with various soaking durations and grill settings to get the taste that’s right for your next barbeque!


Cedar planks are a common method of cooking food, particularly fish. They can be reused, but there are a few considerations. First, after each usage, cedar planks should be cleaned.

Second, they should be kept cold and dry. Finally, only use them three or four times.


How many times can you reuse cedar planks?

Technically, you can use a grilled plank several times, but you’ll only receive the fresh wood taste the first time, therefore we don’t advocate it since it negates the objective of cooking with planks. You’re also doing it incorrectly if you can use a grilled board more than once.

Can you wash and reuse cedar planks?

According to Wildwood Grilling, if the plank is still in excellent shape (no char), you may reuse it. Wash the plank with hot water (without soap) and place it in the freezer. Make sure you utilize the same protein or ingredients the next time you grill.

Can cedar wood be reused?

Cedar wood can be readily recycled (as wood chips, for example) and regenerated in ways that no other material can. When created, man-made materials often leak poisons into the air and are subsequently deposited into our landfills—not cool. Wood may be replanted and collected several times.

How many times can you use a cedar plank on a BBQ?

Even burnt planks may be reused two or three times. Break up the blistered wood and use it as smoking chips if it is entirely blistered.

How do you refresh cedar planks?

The aroma should be revived by lightly sanding the wood with fine-grit sandpaper. Just be warned that cedar dust might cause temporary dermatitis or breathing difficulties in some individuals. Wear a dust mask and keep your skin covered if you’re allergic to cedar.

Do you have to seal cedar planks?

To protect termites from causing damage to your house, keep your cedar wood away from them by closing up any gaps. This may be accomplished by applying cedar wood putty or caulking around the perimeter of your house.

How long do cedar planks last?

It is usual for the aroma of cedar blocks to dissipate after a while. As a general rule, excellent cedar blocks may survive for 3 to 7 years. Sanding the outside of cedar blocks with sandpaper is the greatest approach to replenish their strength. If the smell disappears soon, you may apply it more regularly.

How long do cedar boards last?

It’s a tough wood that resists rot, decay, and insect infestations, as well as moisture absorption, so it lasts longer, requires less care, and doesn’t warp or split as readily. Depending on upkeep and surroundings, a cedar deck may endure for 15-20 years or more.

Do you oil cedar planks?

Use no oil on the board. The use of oil causes flames, extra heat, and prevents the skin from adhering to the board. Place one salmon chunk on each cedar plank, skin side down, and cook the plank. Close the cover to enable the smoke to flavor the fish.

Does water damage cedar wood?

Hardwoods are naturally moisture-resistant. Cedar, white oak, teak, ipe, California redwood, cypress, and pine are a few examples of moisture-resistant hardwoods. Aside from the kind of wood, some treatments may help protect wood from water damage.

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