Can Command Strips Be Used on Bathroom Tiles?

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If you’ve ever attempted to hang a picture on a bathroom wall, you know how tough it can be. The good news is that there are items, such as Command strips, that are particularly made for hanging images on tile. Can they, however, be used on bathroom tiles?

Let us investigate more.

  • When applying the command strips, make sure the surface is clean and dry.
  • Place the command strip on the tile, ensuring sure the sticky side is facing up.
  • To ensure that the strip is firmly adhered to the tile, press down on it.
  • Hang your bathroom item on the command strip’s hook.

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Are Command Strips Safe to Bathroom?

Are Command Strips OK for use in the bathroom?

ABSOLUTELY! Indeed, they are waterproof!

Thus you can be certain that your belongings will remain in place, even in the hot bathroom.

Are Regular Command Strips Waterproof?

Command strips are an excellent choice for a fast and simple method to hang things on your wall. But what if you need to hang anything in a moist environment, such as the bathroom or near the kitchen sink? Are standard command strips watertight?

In a nutshell, ordinary command strips are not waterproof. Yet, certain command strips are intended for usage in damp or wet environments. These unique strips offer a stronger adhesive that can survive moisture contact.

Hence, if you need to hang anything in an area where it could get wet, use the appropriate sort of command strip.

Do Command Strips Work on Tile Walls?

Yes, Command Strips may be used on tile walls. The strips feature a strong adhesive that can withstand the weight of most things and may be removed without causing damage to the tile.

Do Command Strips Work on Tile

Command strips are a wonderful alternative if you want to hang anything on your tile wall without damaging it. They are available in a range of sizes and strengths, allowing you to pick the best one for your requirements. Also, they are simple to install and remove, which is ideal if you are renting or do not want to drill holes in your walls.

But, there are a few things to consider while utilizing Command strips on tiling. Before applying the strip, make sure the surface is clean. Otherwise, it will not adhere as well.

Second, choose the appropriate size and strength strip for your requirements. A little piece of artwork, for example, will need a different size strip than a huge mirror.

Lastly, take your time pulling the strips off the tile.

If you rip them off too rapidly, you could take part of the tiles with you! Command strips, on the other hand, may let you hang anything on your tile wall without causing any harm.

Can You Use Regular Command Strips in the Shower

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a couple rolls of Command strips lying around the home. They’re ideal for displaying photographs and other light things on your walls. But did you realize you could use them in the shower as well?

That’s correct. Shower caddies, soap dishes, and other shower accessories may be hung with standard Command strips. Before applying the strip, ensure sure the object you’re attaching is clean and dry. If you want to use them in a wet area, such as the shower, be sure to check the package to ensure they are rated for such purpose.

Therefore, the next time you need to tidy your shower, go for those Command strips!

Command Strips for Bathroom Mirror

If you want to add some flair to your bathroom mirror, try using Command strips! You may discover the right complement for your décor in a range of colors and designs. They’re also simple to apply and remove, allowing you can switch up your style whenever you choose.

All you need to know about putting Command strips on your bathroom mirror is right here.

To begin, use a glass cleaner to clean the surface of your mirror. Next, measure and cut the width of the strip you’ll need.

Peel off the backing and adhere the strip to the mirror. After it’s in position, firmly push down to secure it. Next, use tiny hooks or other hangers to hang your decorative pieces from the strip.

It’s as simple as that! Using Command strips to personalize your bathroom mirror is a simple and affordable method to do it. Give it a go right now!


If you need a quick method to hang anything on your bathroom tile, you may be thinking whether Command strips are a viable alternative. The quick answer is yes! As long as the surface is clean and dry, you may use Command strips on bathroom tiles.

Remember that the weight of anything you’re hanging will effect how well the strips hold, so try them out before committing to anything too heavy.


Will Command strips hold up in a bathroom?

Yes. CommandTM Bath Strips are water-resistant and hold well in humid conditions. They have been tested and found to be more effective than suction cups.

How do you get Command strips to stick to tile?

Strips perform best on clean, smooth surfaces, so clean the wall beforehand with isopropyl rubbing alcohol (methylated spirits). This will guarantee that your strip is well bonded to the wall. Other surface sprays or cleaning wipes that may leave a slippery residue should be avoided.

What surfaces do Command strips not work on?

These hanging strips must be placed on a totally flat surface for them to adhere correctly. Although it may be tempting to try them on a brick wall, and you may get fortunate one day, they aren’t meant to perform well on tough surfaces. As a result, avoid applying them on popcorn ceilings, concrete, or wood.

Does humidity make Command strips fall?

Command Bath Strips are water-resistant and hold well in humid conditions.

Do command strips work on tile walls?

Surfaces. What surfaces will CommandTM Products adhere to? Wood that has been painted, stained, or varnished, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, metal, and painted wallboard.

Why is my adhesive not bonding to tiles?

If the surface is not properly prepared, the tile adhesive may not adhere to the substrate. Inadequate chipping of substrates such as painted surfaces, gypsum plasters, old bitumen glue, and waterproofing, for example.

Can you hang pictures on bathroom tiles?

Using sticky tape or hanging strips, attach photos on tiles. Basic double-sided sticky tape may be a decent, simple, and, most importantly, fast option. You may securely and firmly place tiny, lightweight photos on your wall using double-sided sticky tape without drilling a hole into the tile.

Do Command strips damage tiles?

BATHROOM ORGANIZATION WITHOUT DAMAGE- There is no sticky residue. There are no holes. Simply a firm, easy-to-remove grasp holds strong in hot, rainy, and humid environments. WATER-RESISTANT STRIPES WORK ON A VARIETY OF SURFACE, INCLUDING GLASS, MIRROR, TILE, FIBERGLASS, WOOD, AND PAINTED SURFACE.

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